Welcome to Colyton Grammar School Parents’ Association (CGSPA). All parents, guardians and staff at Colyton are automatically members of the PA so you don’t need to sign up! We exist to support the students and the school through fundraising, aiming to foster good parent-school relations and to nurture the very strong sense of community that exists within the school.

The CGSPA is here to help parents connect with each other and to provide a network of information and support as well as raise vital funds to support the school.

Dr Kathryn Patrick
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Colyton Grammar School

We hold a series of events throughout the school year. In addition to raising funds for the school they also provide a chance for parents and guardians to meet with others in the school family. Come along and enjoy them or get involved by helping out. We also run a 500 Club with 10 monthly draws between October and July, each with a top prize of £100 and two runners up prizes of £50 each. 

Each year in September we host a New Parents’ Tea. It’s a great opportunity to meet fellow parents as well as the Head, form tutors and even a few students. We coordinate a Book Club which is a great way to connect with other parents. The PA also compiles contact details from new Year 7 parents for each tutor group and supplies them to those who wish to have them via Y7 WhatsApp Groups. The PA runs the second hand uniform sales for the school. 

Colyton Grammar School is an outstanding school where students are taught by dedicated teachers in well-equipped classrooms, language suites and laboratories. The PA helps to provide some of the extras, through events and fundraising, that the school budget is unable to cover. 
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PA MEETINGS are a great opportunity to meet parents from other year groups and tap in to their knowledge and experience as your child progresses through the school. The Headteacher usually attends and gives an informal report on current school matters, so it’s a chance to find out all that is happening at CGS and in education in general. See agendas and minutes here.