Past Fundraising
Colyton Grammar School is an outstanding school where students are taught by dedicated teachers in well-equipped classrooms, language suites and laboratories. The PA helps to provide some of the extras, through events and fundraising, that the school budget is unable to cover.

Over the Summer of 2020 we worked closely with the school on the Digital4All campaign to provide every student in school with a laptop. We were very proud to donate £40,000 to the appeal. A policy of 1 student : 1 device enables all students to benefit from the very best of ‘blended learning’, meaning that teachers will be able to use a combination of traditional face-to-face teaching together with learning via technology. The policy also ensures consistency and equality for all, every pupil, regardless of background, gets the same opportunities to excel within a nurturing and fair environment.

This is not the first major contribution to facilities that the PA have undertaken: in the summer of 2017, we concluded our Space4Science appeal having successfully raised £100,000 for the total conversion and refurbishment of a new science lab.

In recent years the PA was very pleased to be able to contribute £22,000 to the furnishing and equipping of the new Music Centre including musical instruments. We have contributed to many other projects including the last refurbishment of the Library and the Art Centre, we have provided digital cameras for Art, Raspberry Pi computers and robotics equipment for IT, new sports vests and rugby shirts for PE and regular year 8 First Aid Courses. Previously we have contributed £20,000 towards the updating of the School’s IT infrastructure and expanding the existing data storage.

Colyton Grammar School Minibus

In 2014 the PA paid the full £19,000 to secure a new minibus. We have paid for the very popular outdoor table tennis tables, equipment for Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards, iPads, equipment for PE and contributed to the new 3D printer. All these contributions facilitated by PA fundraising and the generosity of parents make a very real difference to the school and students.

All proceeds from our events go towards raising money for the school for the benefit of our children’s education. It is very rewarding to work together and new parents are particularly welcomed to help in any way they can.

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