New Parents
Starting any new school can be a challenging time: meeting new people, finding your way around, remembering teachers’ names, knowing what kit is required for which PE lesson – and that applies to parents just as much as to the children. New students at Colyton Grammar School are very well looked after, and they have one another for support; for parents and guardians it can sometimes not be quite so easy, especially now that we do not have the same “playground time” that we experienced at Primary School.

The CGS Parents’ Association is here to help new parents connect with each other and to provide a network of vital information and support at what can be an overwhelming time for us all. We do this via a few routes:

New Parents’ Tea
This is an annual event for new parents that usually takes place in the first week of term. It’s a great opportunity to meet fellow parents as well as the Head, form tutors and even a few students. With the recent exceptional events we have been unable to host this event in 2021 but we hoping to be able to invite new parents in 2022. Stay tuned for details!

Tutor Group Contact List
The PA collects contact details from new Year 7 parents for each tutor group and supplies them to those who wish to have them via WhatsApp groups. It is entirely up to you if you want to supply your details but most parents find it very useful to have contact details of other parents. Your child will likely make friends with others in the same tutor group and having their parents’ contact details comes in handy. The PA have chosen this method of putting parents in contact with each other as data protection laws mean the school cannot distribute such details, and it seems to have worked well for new parents in recent years. Please register your details via the Google Forms link sent out by the school or alternatively contact Caroline Thomas who is the New Parents’ Coordinator via:

Our school has a very strong sense of community despite the geographical isolation of students and their families and we sincerely hope that you will enjoy being part of the Parents’ Association.